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 IP Hybrid NVR / DVR Systems
Introducing our New range of SCRUS Hybrid DVR / NVR Recording systems, these units are next generation video records capable of utilizing up to 16 Analog cameras and up to 16 IP / Mega Pixel cameras. Truly unrivaled video storage and picture quality.
These units are an ideal choice for individuals or companies who already have existing Analog cameras and plan to install IP / Mega Pixel cameras in the future or at the time of the Hybrids installation.
With several models to choose from, all with increased video storage available, the informed buyers choice will ultimately be the Hybrid system.

Hybrid 4
Hybrid 8
Hybrid 16 - 16
Hybrid 32
4 Channel Analog Inputs   
@ 120 fps Real time   
Up to 16 IP Camera Inputs   
8 Channel Analog Inputs
@ 240 fps Real time
Up to 16 IP Camera Inputs
16 Channel Analog Inputs
@ 480 fps Real time
Up to 16 IP Camera Inputs
32 Channel Analog Inputs
@ 960 fps Real Time
Up to 16 IP Camera Inputs
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